Watch Lady Gaga Rock Out (With Her Bra Out) To ‘Manicure’ In A New iTunes Festival Rehearsal Video

Watch Lady Gaga rehearse, and listen to her new song "Manicure."

Lady Gaga rehearses her new song "Manicure."

After putting on and taking off more wigs than Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim combined at her VMA-opening "Applause" performance, Lady Gaga has NOT slowed down the ARTPOP train one bit. This week alone, Mother Monster taught us how to properly order and eat fish and chips while wearing a see-through pink bra, then she previewed her new song "Swine" at an iTunes Festival rehearsal.

Now, because it's Friday and Gaga loves us, Ms. Monster has released a second iTunes Fest rehearsal video featuring a snippet of another ARTPOP track: "Manicure."

Watch Gaga's latest rehearsal video and listen to her new song "Manicure" after the jump.

Set to a turnt-up electro-pop beat, "Manicure" so far sounds like an unusually rock-influenced, more-aggressive-than-usual Gaga track. But it's hard to get a crystal clear idea of what "Manicure" will be. Posting to Twitter, Gaga herself admitted that the "Manicure" we hear in this video isn't exactly a direct representation of the final product:

Whatever, at least Gaga owns her deviousness!

+ Watch Lady Gaga rehearse a snippet of her upcoming ARTPOP track "Manicure." 

Photo credit: Lady Gaga's YouTube Channel

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