Watch Lana Del Rey Cover ‘Blue Velvet’ For H&M (VIDEO)

People are a little mean to Lana Del Rey in her H&M video campaign.

Lana Del Rey is the new face of  H&M, so obviously that means she's going to release a moody, totally broody new commercial for the big box retailer. Right? ABSOLUTELY. Because what would a Lana Del Rey campaign be if it didn't make you feel a tad depressed? Please see: "Summertime Sadness" and "National Anthem." Tissues x 10000.

In her H&M spot, Lana sultrily croons the 50s tune “Blue Velvet." Aside from Lana's ridiculous beauty (read: THE LIPS), a cast of Lana lookalikes watch and judge her until someone finally pulls the plug on her microphone, stopping the music all together. Lana seems totally sad, but we'd like to take this opportunity to remind her not to be too depressed considering she looks SUPERB all dressed up in her retro best. Not every singer could pull that off! And she didn't even rely on the obligatory bangs to get there -- she's 100% rocking the Brigitte Bardot look. We LOVE. And we're guessing she also just got paid mad dough to be the face of a national campaign. Hold that head up high, girl!

+ Watch Lana Del Rey Sing "Blue Velvet" in her H&M commercial

Photo credit: Courtesy of H&M

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