Watch MKTO Reunite With Harold Perrineau From ‘LOST’ In Their Behind-The-Scenes ‘Thank You’ Video

Watch MKTO on the set of their "Thank You" video!

It's time to get on the MKTO bandwagon ASAP. The boys are still pretty new, so we'll fill you in on WHY a bandwagon situation is necessary: MKTO is an electro-pop/hip-hop/R&B (genre-bending, we know) duo featuring singer Tony Oller and rapper Malcolm David Kelley. Put that all together, and you've got a band that reminds us a little of Chiddy Bang mixed with a dash of Wallpaper., plus maybe a smidge of Outasight.

So, how'd these two bros get hooked up? Well, Kelly and Oller met as child actors (FYI, Malcom played Walt on "LOST"!!) on the set of TeenNick's "Gigantic." Now, the two are besties4lyfe, signed to Columbia Records, working on their upcoming debut album, Role Models, and have released a video for their lead single, "Thank You." And just in case you felt like you didn't know the boys well enough, now you can get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Thank You."

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of MKTO's "Thank You" video after the jump.

We know, now you're basically fangirl-ing out and have made it your mission to immerse yourself in all things MKTO. Well, as you might imagine, the boys have a helluva time on their "Thank You" set, clowning around and doing boy things like spray painting brick walls, dancing on top of expensive cars, and chomping on some delicious looking burritos (or was that a turkey on rye?). Also, Harold Perrineau, aka Malcom Kelley's DAD FROM "LOST," MAKES A CAMEO! Do we need to say it again? A Walt and Michael "LOST" reunion IS HAPPENING.

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of MKTO's "Thank You" video.

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