Watch The Four-Part Making Of Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Video!

"I'm really excited about this," Katy Perry said about her latest video, "Part Of Me." "I think it's gonna say something... finally. I feel like I haven't said anything... ever." And with that we delve into our exclusive four-part "Making of Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' Video," where the camo-clad Katy spills tons of secrets of just how your new favorite Katy Perry video came together.

Watch The Making Of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" Video after the jump.

In our four exclusive videos, find out the inspiration behind "Part Of Me," what went down between Katy and her costars on the set, and just how wimpy delicate Katy Perry's push-ups are. (Stars -- they're just like us!) Part I starts at San Diego's Camp Pendleton, where we watch Katy put in serious work with real cadets. I'm talking strenuous workouts, real deal Army drills and munching on those totally awful MREs ("meals ready to eat" for all you n00bs out there). Throughout Parts II, III and IV, we learn that Katy Perry can't really climb a rope (don't tell anyone), why exactly she chose a 1995 Volvo as the car she drives in the video and what it's like crawling around in fake rain and mud under barbed wire in the middle of the night. Spoiler alert: pretty difficult.

But despite the grueling call times (5 a.m.!) and the less-than-flattering wigs, Katy Perry wouldn't change a thing: "This has been a great experience," Katy exhaustively mumbles after the crew calls it a wrap. We're pretty sure she meant, "I'm super proud of the end result, and I hope you guys enjoy your exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the making of my video." Thanks, Katy. Don't mind if we do.

+ Watch Parts I, II, III and IV of The Making Of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me' Video below.

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