Watch The Used Put The Evil In Deviled Eggs On ‘Afterschool Snack’ (VIDEO)

Join along at home as The Used's Bert McCracken makes his almost-famous 'Satan Eggs.'

You probably know The Used as both Warped Tour staples and a brilliant assembly of your four favorite musicians on earth, fronted by the hilarious and talented Bert McCracken. But what you may not know is that in addition to manning The Used and dropping the band's fifth studio album, Vulnerable, one of Bert's many talents includes cooking... Wait, you probably knew that. We here at Buzzworthy don't personally believe in anything we haven't seen with our own eyes (a blind faith in only the visibly concrete isn't a bad way to live, you guys!). So we invited The Used's Bert and Quinn to stop by the Buzzworthy Kitchen for a brand-new segment we're calling Afterschool Snack.

In Buzzworthy's very first-ever "Afterschool Snack" cooking show, Bert whips up a tasty little treat called "Bert's Satan Eggs," (just like deviled eggs, but more evil and with the added bonus of proximity to Bert McCracken!) while Quinn Allman plays Andy to Bert's Conan, cracking (EGG PUN!) jokes and reminiscing along the way. It's EXACTLY as you'd always imagined cooking with Bert and Quinn to be like, only with more garam masala and no Rachael Ray.

Below, you'll find the recipe for Bert's even eviler twist on deviled eggs, should you like to follow along at home. (Please note: This recipe involves no actual "cooking," which is totally the best kind of cooking, if you ask me). Enjoy all of the eggs, and next time on "Afterschool Snack," we'll be making Bert McCracken's Crackers and Quinn Allman's Bacon-Roasted Almonds. OK, I'm kidding, but I'm also hopeful.

+ Watch The Used Make "Bert's Satan Eggs" On Buzzworthy's "Afterschool Snack."


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