Watch The Wanted’s ‘Chasing The Sun’ Video Sneak Peek, Catch The Full Video Tonight On MTV!

If The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun" video sneak peek the guys tweeted yesterday wasn't enough to get you to cancel all your social obligations for the evening to catch the official video release tonight on MTV, we're pretty sure this newest sneak peek will! Besides, who needs real friends when you have these Brits? (Hey, works for us.)

The 30-second teaser keeps the spoilers short and sweet while offering proof that the dudes are on a mission to woo the knickers off us. Scenes capture the guys flaunting sultry glances, enjoying a late-night dance party with some pretty ladies and then rounding off the evening of romance with a beautiful sunrise from a rooftop view (metaphors!). Basically, the new video looks to be every fans' dream date scenario set to the soundtrack of the band's second single. (Which also happens to reallly work for us.)

+ Watch The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun" video sneak peek below, and catch the video premiere tonight on MTV and at 7:53 p.m. ET. Tune in to after the premiere for our exclusive "MTV First: The Wanted," a 30-minute interview with the band where they'll be answering your fan questions!

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