Watch This Parody Of fun.’s ‘We Are Young,’ Feel A Little Bit Older And Sadder (VIDEO)

Laugh (and mostly cry) at this fun. 'We Are Young' video parody.

I'm pretty sure the point of fun.'s totally rad "We Are Young" video is to make you wake up out of your 9-to-5 coma and realize, "Hey, you! All is not lost! Do not sign your life away to misery and regret! Seize the night! Throw plants and disco balls around in slow motion! Etc.!" (Even if that's not the point, Janelle Monáe shows up and you just automatically feel really good.)

But I guess that wasn't the case for the comedy team that made a pretty hilarious parody of the song "We're Not Young." These guys went all out to nail the look and feel of the video, but they added their own vignettes to exemplify the theme of their song -- getting older sucks. A lot sometimes. In between shots of the band performing at the bar, we see thirtysomething parents frustrated with their newborns, a couple people packing on those mid-adult lbs., and instead of ending the night in a drunken stupor with a stranger, us slightly older folks wasting the night away on Words With Friends.

Watch "We're Not Young" after the jump.

After a fairly depressing four minutes, the video wraps up with a pretty succinct conclusion: "So if by the time I'm 40 and I'm still a waiter here/ Oh please God, I don't want to even imagine it... Tonight." Moral of the story? Stay young forever. Get on some Gwen Stefani ish and never tell anyone what your secret is.

+ Watch a parody of fun.'s "We Are Young," "We're Not Young."

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