We HAVE To Say Something About Howie D’s Fan Trip To Israel

You guys, "The Secret" WORKS. We know because we've long wanted to combine our favorite travel destination (Israel) with our favorite interest (BOY BANDS). You could say this combo was our fire AND our one desire. But alas, in the paraphrased parlance of Nick Carter, they remained two worlds apart... UNTIL NOW. Prepare to nosh on falafel with Backstreet Boy Howie D because's he's invited 100 fans to join him on his maiden voyage to Israel, September 2-11. Call it Backstreetright, Israel!

Read more about Howie D's fan trip to Israel after the jump. (No clue, guys.)

The Howie D-themed trip around the land of milk and honey includes a tour of historical sites in Jerusalem, clubbing in Tel Aviv, camel riding in the Negev Desert and exploring archeological sites in Caesarea, among others attractions. There's also lots of face time with Howie D and a cruise around the Sea of Galilee with a mini-performance by the performer himself. And we're not EVEN playing games with your heart. What could be better than enjoying homemade hummus with Howie?

Before he heads to Israel, international man of mystery Howie will meet up with fellow NKOTBSB members for a tour that starts next month in Europe and Asia. "As many of you know, I've always wanted to visit the Holy Land," said Howie D on his website. "I've been dreaming of this trip for so long and am extremely excited that it's finally here." Sounds sababa (that's Hebrew for SUPER), right? Click here for tickets and a trip itinerary.

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