Wednesday Q&A: Jason Aaron

Wednesday Q&A: Jason Aaron

By Jim Beard

Jason Aaron’s come a long way since winning a 2001 Marvel talent search.

He has gone onto become one of the busiest writers at the House of Ideas, helping to steer AVENGERS VS. X-MEN while having just wrapped a multi-year run on WOLVERINE, continuing WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN and INCREDIBLE HULK, and pitting Iron Man against Magneto in AVS: VS #1.

Despite all this, he’s found some down-time to give us a few answers to our questions. Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Aaron…

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 cover by Jim Cheung Jason, how would you describe your role on the AvX team? What do you feel you're bringing to the larger story, in terms of experience and storytelling?

Jason Aaron: I'm the weird, quiet one. I'm the one most likely to kill all of the others and wear their skin. So noted! What elements of the event are you most looking forward to? Is there an inner fan who jumps for joy at any particular tussle, whether it’s one you'll be handling yourself or one from one of your fellow AvX writers?

Jason Aaron: Seeing different stages and variations of the Captain America vs. Cyclops battle over the course of the series is probably my favorite. Also Dazzler vs. Squirrel Girl. What do you feel is the true heart of AVENGERS VS X-MEN? Past the slugfests and the match-ups, what is the real story behind it and who is at its center?

Jason Aaron: I'm biased since I'm an X-guy, but I love the Hope story that runs through this. It's one that's been building for a few years now, and getting to see it play out in such a massive, universe-affecting way is quite cool.

Wolverine & The X-Men #9 cover by Chris Bachalo In what ways will WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN tie into AvX? What will be the book's place in the overarching story and how are you approaching that?

Jason Aaron: In WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, we'll see Logan have to choose sides in the conflict, which regardless of his feelings for Cyclops still won't be an easy choice. And then the rest of the faculty at the Jean Grey School will have to make their own decisions. A couple of the students will sneak out to join the fray, and before too long we'll have some interstellar visitors [such] as the Shi'ar get involved. What about Chris Bachalo’s art on this book gets you all fired up and inspires your own imagination?

Jason Aaron: He's amazing. His sense of design is incredible; his ability to sweep you up and take you on a journey. And I just love the way he draws these characters. I could go off and do a Krakoa the Living Island series with Chris and be a very happy man. You're also heading into a new arc in INCREDIBLE HULK with “Stay Angry”; what big things can we expect? New characters?

Incredible Hulk #8 cover by Michael Komarck

Jason Aaron: Yes, lots of new villains, plus some old Marvel Universe favorites. Each issue of the “Stay Angry” arc will be set in a different location, featuring different villains, with Hulk stuck in a different, whacked-out situation. And if he hopes to survive, he's gonna have to stay angry. What do you feel you're leaving the WOLVERINE title with, as a writer?

Jason Aaron: Hopefully I leave behind just a lot of different Wolverine stories, some over-the-top insane, others dark and gritty, all hopefully true to the character of Logan. Do you have a favorite WOLVERINE issue?

Jason Aaron: One of my favorites has always been WOLVERINE #56, that Howard Chaykin drew. It was an honor working with Howard, and then I was really proud of the story, which was a dark little character story about Wolverine in a pit and the guy with the machine gun whose job it is to shoot him all day.

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