We’re Flying Air Rihanna’s Boeing 777! And We’re Stoked, Scared, And GOING BANANAS!

 7 countries, 7 days, 7 shows, 1 really sweet hand-written letter from Rihanna.

So, I don't know what flavor of Internet you consume on a daily basis (like, if you're EXCLUSIVELY reading up on CIA dalliances and whatnot. In that case: #zzzzzz) but if you're anything like me, you've been reading up on Rihanna's "777 tour." Starting TODAY, Rihanna is embarking on a seven country tour on a Boeing 777 and playing seven shows in seven days to promote the release of her Unapologetic album. Needless to say, it's going to be bonkers. Um. And not to bury the lead or, whatever, BUT the bodacious Barbados babe also asked a crew of journalists and fans to accompany her on her plane and me and Maud Deitch (we're both usually over at MTV Style) were among those invited.

We are 75% STOKED, 10% scared and 15% hungry.

Get more from inside Rihanna's "777" tour plane after the jump!

 It's going to get super interesting, and we’ll both be writing for you guys over the week with updates on MTV Buzzworthy, MTV Style and MTV News. ANYWAY, the crazy thing is, we haven’t been given a ton of information. We know that we’re getting our passports stamped in Mexico City, Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London before returning to New York for the final show but that’s it. Like, we hope RiRi will rear her pretty head at some point to descend upon the unwashed, adoring herds and say something meaningful, but essentially our only basis for comparison is the press corps as exemplified in the White House peeps in "The West Wing," so maybe we won’t get to see her outside of shows at all. To wit: IDK anything.

Mostly, we’re curious about which fans were invited. We know that the Rihanna Navy is a bajillionmillionsquillion strong and are crazy passionate so we can’t wait to watch them freak out. We just grabbed our press credentials and are super excited to get intimately acquainted with this tour plane that’s swagged out a weird number of humans mouth-breathing all over each other during flu season. It’s ALL GOING TO BE AMAZING. Rihanna forever.

Photo credit: Mary H.K. Choi & Maud Deitch/ MTV Style; Rihanna's Instagram

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