Where Is Xur Today? (July 30-August 3) – Destiny 2 Xur Location And Exotics Guide

With the arrival of another weekend comes a visit from Xur, Destiny 2's mysterious Exotics merchant. If you're looking to fill out your collection of Exotic weapons and armor or simply want an alternate roll on a piece of Exotic armor, you'll want to pay him a visit. Here's where to find Xur this week at the Tower and what he's selling between now and the weekly reset coming on Tuesday, August 3.

Xur Location

Xur is located in the back of the Tower's Hangar area
Xur is located in the back of the Tower's Hangar area

This week, Xur is located in his standard digs at the Tower. To find him, spawn in at the Courtyard and then turn left, following the pathway and rooms that take you into the Hangar. Once you get into the main area with Amanda Holliday, turn left, head under the Future War Cult structure and past the Dead Orbit area. Take the staircase up on the left in the very back area where the Hangar opens up, and you'll find Xur.

Xur Exotic Items

Telesto is this week's Xur weapon, and it's a fun (and colorful) option you'll want to pick up if you don't already own it, even if fusion rifles aren't typically your thing. Hunters get the Lucky Pants leg armor, Titans get the Actium War Rig chest armor, and Warlocks get the Claws of Ahamkara gauntlets, each with stat points ranging from 64-66. For 97 legendary shards, you can purchase an Exotic engram that will decrypt into an item you don't already own from a select pool of weapons and armor. And if you don't already have it, Xur will offer you a free Xenology quest that rewards you with an Exotic Cipher, which is a required item to buy an Exotic from the Tower's Monument to Lost Lights.

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