Which ‘Hunger Games’ Co-Star Would Josh Hutcherson Save From A Zombie Attack?

On the MTV Movie Awards pre-show red carpet, the actor and his co-star Elizabeth Banks reveal who they'd save from the walking dead.
By Fallon Prinzivalli, with reporting by Sway Calloway

Josh Hutcherson arrives at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards
Photo: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

If you could only save one of your favorite "Hunger Games" stars from a zombie attack, which one would it be? That's almost as hard a question as Team Peeta or Team Gale! Do you save Katniss herself, Jennifer Lawrence, the dreamy Liam Hemsworth or Woody Harrelson, the endearing mentor?

On the pre-show red carpet for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, we caught up with Josh Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks, who were initially torn between the actors.

"I might save Woody," Banks said. "No, he could save himself, maybe. He's already fought off zombies in one of my favorite zombie movies."

Banks is of course referring to "Zombieland," in which Harrelson battled against the walking dead with Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone. But since he proved himself fully capable, the actress picked a different co-star to save: "I probably would save Jennifer," she said.

Hutcherson nodded in agreement. "I think Jennifer, too," he said, "just because I think she means the most to the continuing of the story and to the fans."

"I'd want to be the savior of Katniss," Banks added.

"That'd be a good one to be," Hutcherson said.

Among the many nominations for "The Hunger Games," both actors have a shot at a coveted Golden Popcorn on their own. Banks is up for Best On-Screen Transformation and Hutcherson is vying for Best Male Performance.

"Little guy from Kentucky that could," the actor laughed when Sway mentioned his shot at the award. "It's crazy, man. It's crazy."

When we asked what it was like to see Banks' on-screen transformation, he called the process "insane." "The amount of conversation that went into the smallest details of, like, what color her eyebrows should be was astonishing," he said. "That whole process was way more than I would ever go through for a role."

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are officially under way! Stick with MTV News for minute-by-minute coverage, and don't forget to go to MovieAwards.MTV.com to cast your vote for Best Movie!

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