Which ‘Twilight’ Scenes Could Use A Revamp?

As Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart go back for re-shoots, MTV News asks fans what scenes need a makeover.
By Kara Warner

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart in "Eclipse"
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In light of the news that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are headed back to the "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" set for a few re-shoots, this week's Twilight Tuesday posed the question: If you could have any scene in any of the previous films re-shot, which one would you revamp? (Pun intended!)

As always, the members of the knowledgeable and passionate "Twilight" fan community responded to the query with gusto. Some folks want to see extended versions of their favorite scenes, some are still displeased with the book-to-film adaptation in certain areas and some requested they re-shoot entire films altogether. But there are two scenes that a majority of fans agreed could use a makeover: the meadow scene in "Twilight" and Edward and Bella's reunion in "New Moon." Here's a sampling of our favorite responses and suggestions:

@Cycyn: The meadow scene. It was THE ONE scene they had to capture perfectly (it was Steph's dream) and it's really bad.

@Cordyq45: Eclipse- Bella getting on Jake's bike in the school parking lot. Never shoulda happened.

@dazzle715: The scene where Bella kisses Jacob in Eclipse, instead she would just push him off the mountain.

@pinkpixiechick: Edward and Bella's reunion in New Moon. Wish it was more like the book version. Too short and passively handled in the film. I'm not a fan of how Melissa Rosenberg writes Edward & Bella scenes. Their reunion in her bedroom (New Moon) felt very rushed.

@MeganC79: The meadow scene by far. It's the most important scene in Twilight and was completely botched in the movie. Huge disappointment.

@Brendaof6: The Twilight scene when the "bad" vamps crash the game and Cullens get defensive. Liked at first but now I giggle every time!

@Melly1901: Twilight's meadow scene. Wasn't how I imagined it. I wish they added the Twi lunch scenes between Ed/Bella too...

@KansasCityGypsy: "I know what you are." "Say it." "Vampire." Such bad acting.

@Mama_Cougar: Good LORD that heinous "Wolves at the lumbermill" scene from Breaking Dawn. The Eclipse Forest Frolic is a close second.

@robownsme: Bella's speech at the end of Eclipse and her riding away with Jacob on the motorcyle. Both scenes were ridiculous and horrible.

@maineemilyhoon: New Moon - the post-Italy scenes. In the book it's so swoonily romantic...in the movie it's just dull.

What other scenes could use a re-vamp? Tell us in the comments or hit me up @karawarner on Twitter

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