Which Video Had The Internet Goin’ Nuts? Vote For The Most Share-Worthy VMA Video!

Beyonce and Gotye are both up for a Most Share-Worthy VMA.

If the Internet is good for anything (and yeah, we know it's good for everything), it's making stuff go viral. And by "stuff" we mean memes, cats, memes of cats, and -- most importantly -- music videos (AKA our life's work) and all covers, parodies and Facebooks "Likes" therein. Which is why this year, your favorite music video that went viral could earn a Moonman for the Most Share-Worthy Video!

Now, let us SHARE (heh) with you the nominees: Beyoncé's "Countdown" video (HELLLO, j'mazing Snuggie guy), Gotye's heart-wrenching video for "Somebody That I Used To Know," Justin Bieber with "Boyfriend" (no thank you, crazy-eyed Belieber), One Direction with "What Makes You Beautiful," and of course, the Justin Bieber-discovered (and unofficial national anthem), "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I mean, hi. Everyone from fun. to the friggin' U.S. Olympic swim team, to your dad covered “Call Me Maybe”!

Here's how to vote for your favorite Most Share-Worthy Video via Twitter!

Don't miss the 2012 MTV VMAs live from Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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