Willa Ford, Is That You? (PHOTO)

Willa Ford in 2012 (left) and 2009 (right)

Remember Willa Ford? Yeah, us too, in a totally distant way. Not in the kind of way where we still put "I Wanna Be Bad" on every single party playlist we make, then laugh about it in a performance of practiced nonchalance and say things like, "Oh my God, you guys! This song is such a guilty pleasure!" while earnestly enjoying it. And certainly not in the kind of way where we only know the holiday season has truly arrived when we put on her epic Yuletide classic, "Santa Baby (Gimme Gimme Gimme)" to booty-pop with some eggnog. Not like that at all.

Point is, Willa Ford is back! The pop chanteuse is enjoying a renaissance with the upcoming premiere of her new series for Starz, Magic City, and on the red carpet for the show's premiere in El Lay the other night she looks... Well, she doesn't look like Willa Ford anymore! At least, not the Willa Ford we remember. She looks all grown up, in an oh-so-classy Vivienne Westwood navy blue dress and YSL pumps, and luxe auburn tresses. (Ooh, you fancy, huh?) But most of all, she looks like she wants to be bad. And you know what? She's pulling it off! Props to you, Willa.

Does Willa Ford look anything like Willa Ford? No! No, she does not. Does she look good? Totally! Did ya understand THAT, haters? (Note: "Did Ya Understand That" was Willa's 2001 flawless/non-charting second single. If you missed that reference, shame on you.)

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