Willow Smith Wears The Saddest Jacket Ever Because Appparently She Hates Everyone (PHOTO)

Willow Smith isn't afraid to express how she really feels about the world.

We've heard of people wearing their heart on their sleeves, but Willow Smith put EXACTLY how she feels in big, bold letters on the back of her jacket. And according to said jacket, poor Willow hates everyone! Everyone, Willow!?! Like, even Taylor Swift?! How can anyone hate Taylor Swift!? We can't even process all this right now.

The "Find You Somewhere" singer was snapped on the street working a scamp's jacket (you know, like Oliver Twist-type scamps?!) with chunky workmen boots, denim cutoffs, and an oversize jacket with the words "I HATE EVERYONE" printed on the back. While we get that being a teen comes with some all of the requisite angst, but Willow is only 11 years old! We wonder why our fave fireballer has suddenly become so anti-everyone? Maybe she has a grudge because someone didn't hold a door open for her (been there, so rude). Or perhaps she's been catching up on old episodes of "Daria" and felt inspired by the infamous cartoon's IDGAF style -- this whole photo SO screams Daria.

What we do know is that she's wayyy too adorbz/fashionable/talented/flawlessly connected to be this jaded so young in life. Now Willow, whip your hair back and forth and shake that hate off, 'cause we love YOU!

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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