WizKids new Galactic Guardians set Releases!

Earlier this week saw the release of WizKids newest HeroClix set, Galactic Guardians.  Available in single pckas, 5 figure boosters, and a 6 figure starter set.

I played in a sealed tournament on Thursday.  400 points.  I my 2 boosters I pulled : Adam Warlock, Gamora, Nebula, Annihilation Seeker, Xavin, Nova Corps Centurian, Doombot, Hollywood, Cardinal Raker, and Medusa.  The first 4 became my team.  I lost the first round, but won the next to for a score of 2 -1.  One of the awesome things about the event was that since this was the first week of a new set, I had never seen the pieces before and between the 8 players we had, we pulled just about every piece.  Someone even pulled a chase figure.


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