World of Superior Spider-Man Pt. 4

World of Superior Spider-Man Pt. 4

Avenging Spider-Man #16 cover by Paolo Rivera

By Andrew Wheeler

It's the story everyone's talking about: there's a new Spider-Man in town.

Sure, he looks like the old one, but he's packing a new superior attitude. Doctor Octopus has swapped minds with Peter Parker, stolen his identity and left him for dead. In the pages of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and AVENGING SPIDER-MAN, the story of Otto Octavius and Peter Parker continues to unfold.

This week we explored how the Superior Spider-Man will interact with the world of his old foe, concluding today with AVENGING SPIDER-MAN writer Chris Yost on the “new” Spidey’s place in the broader Marvel Universe. Chris, what was your reaction when you heard the plans for Spider-Man?

Chris Yost: That fans were going to freak out, which meant that it was the right thing to do. AVENGING SPIDER-MAN has always primarily a team-up book. Is that still going to be the case?

Chris Yost: Yep! [Spider-Man] teams up with the X-Men, then the Future Foundation, Thor, Sleepwalker, the Secret Avengers—it's very much about the “new” Spider-Man having to deal with the Marvel Universe. Is Ock going to seamlessly slide right in to Peter's spot on the Avengers?

Chris Yost: Not likely. You'll see it in both SUPERIOR and in AVENGING, but people like Daredevil and Wolverine sense something is up. It all comes to a head. Which Avengers are going to have the most interesting reaction to Superior Spider-Man?

Chris Yost: There's one in particular that has a very surprising reaction to Spider-Man's new attitude. Ock's been on teams before. Can he bring any of his Sinister Six experience to the Avengers?

Avenging Spider-Man #18 cover by Marco Checchetto

Chris Yost: Funny you should mention the Sinister Six. While Spider-Man will be dealing with the Avengers, something's happening with his old crew as well... There are other ex-villains on the Avengers roster. What makes Doc Ock different?

Chris Yost: The other ex-villains aren't secretly possessing [heroes]. Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye were open about their pasts. Otto is not. Spider-Man has strong ties to the FF. How is Ock going to interact with the Future Foundation?

Chris Yost: In [AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17], the Superior Spider-Man is on babysitting duty. It goes about as well as you'd expect and even worse when people from the actual future show up. How does Doc Ock being Spider-Man change his relationship with the Marvel Universe?

Chris Yost: It's exciting to get inside Ock's mindset, how he views these other heroes in the Marvel Universe. Whereas Spider-Man is humble, Ock is arrogant. Spider-Man wants to learn, to be a better hero; Ock already knows he's the best hero that ever lived. It makes for a fun dynamic.

Be sure to pick up SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #3 this week!

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