WTF Alert: Watch This Girl Turn Herself Into Drake! No, Seriously (VIDEO)

OMG WTF. Apparently anyone can look like Drake!

I never thought this day would come, but I can finally say with confidence that if I really wanted to, I could turn myself into Drake. You're probably wondering "WTF" right now because obviously, how can a regular ol' white chick from NYC turn herself into a brooding Canadian rapper (Drake, not Bieber)? Thanks to an incredible makeup artist named Promise Tamang Phan (who, BTW, is our new hero, idol and potential future presidential nominee -- also, late pass if you've seen it), I now know how to do it! And you can, too!

According to her makeup tutorial, it only takes 12 easy steps to become Drake. You should definitely watch this video (over and over again) to get it right, but in essence, all you gotta do is throw your hair back in a tight pony, create a hairline fade, something something something about eyebrows, thick-ass chain....Drake! (You know, easy as 1, 2, 3!) Not only is this a scientific wonder, but it's a much-needed contribution to our society.

Watch Promise's "How To Look Like Drake" makeup tutorial.

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