Xbox 360 sales reach 75.9 million

Microsoft home console hits new sales milestone, with Xbox Live membership above 40 million.


Microsoft has now sold 75.9 million Xbox 360 consoles across the world, according to an updated sales chart from the company. This is up from 70 million sold by October last year.

Xbox Live membership stands at north of 40 million users, the same figure Microsoft announced months ago.

By comparison, the PlayStation 3 has officially sold-in (i.e. shipped) 70 million units as of November 2012, though a new report states as many as 77 million units have been sold.

Microsoft may soon usher in its next-generation Xbox. A previous report suggests the company will hold an Apple-style event in March to announce its new machine. Sony is rumored to reveal the PlayStation 4 at a New York City event February 20.

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