Xbox Cloud Support On Surface Duo Is Essentially A Handheld Xbox/Nintendo DS Hybrid

Many players have long fantasized about the idea of a portable Xbox (and, say, on-the-go Halo), especially during the era of the PSP and the PlayStation Vita. That dream has now come to fruition--to an extent--with official Xbox Cloud Gaming support rolling out for Microsoft's Surface Duo phone.

This isn't just another Xbox Cloud app. Rather, as The Verge reported, Microsoft has released a version specifically built for the two-screen functionality of the Surface Duo that basically turns the device into something similar to a Nintendo DS. With a virtual Xbox gamepad on the bottom screen and the game on the top screen, you'll be able to hold it like a DS to stream Xbox games.

While Xbox Cloud Gaming supports Bluetooth controllers on any device, players who don't own an extra controller have to deal with touchscreen controls. On a single-screen device, touch controls naturally obstruct the view of the game you're playing. As a result, moving those controls down to the second Surface Duo screen has immediate benefits for players who don't use a separate gamepad. This control scheme works across any of the Xbox Cloud games that currently support touch controls.

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