Yes, There’s A Reason Resident Evil Village’s Ethan Can Shrug Off Dismemberment

Resident Evil Village certainly lives up to the franchise's particular pedigree of survival horror, putting you into tense, horrifying encounters with ravenous monsters that channel the best of what the genre is all about. Throughout Ethan's harrowing journey to rescue his daughter, he'll face off with feral Lycans and the sadistic pleasures of Lady Dmitrscu and her cabal demented monstrosities. And as you will see in just the first hour of the game, Ethan is going to get hurt...a lot.

The Resident Evil series is no stranger to showing vicious attacks from zombies and other bio-weapons in grisly detail--and how a simple green herb gets you back to full health. However, Resident Evil Village and its direct predecessor go the extra mile by showing just how gnarly these encounters can be, and how much of a lasting impact it has on its protagonist Ethan. For those who skipped out on Resident Evil 7 or have forgotten the specific plot details, it can be confusing and unintentionally humurous to see that Ethan has regenerative abilities. Evidently, some players are already a bit confused about why Ethan can quickly bounce back from getting his hands mauled and legs stabbed, especially for a series that's all about managing your health and dwindling resources.

The answer for this goes all the back to RE7, which saw Ethan make his debut in the series. The game begins with the hapless everyman wandering into the Baker family estate searching for his missing wife Mia. But in the first 30 minutes of the game, he's quickly beaten, stabbed, and even gets his left hand severed by a chainsaw. After that gutwrencing intoduction, Ethan finds himself face to face with the corrupted Baker family, and his hand somehow reattached and in use again--albeit stabled back on.

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