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Yomega Corp. puts the power of the Force in the hands of kids and yo-yo fans with a new collection of yo-yos based on the legendary Star Wars saga.  For the first time, Star Wars characters will be featured in a line of high performance yo-yos that will have yo-yoers and Star Wars fans scanning the galaxy to collect them all.

Star Wars Catalog Page“We know that many yo-yo enthusiasts are also avid Star Wars fans,” said Todd Rywolt, Co-President of Yomega. “The Yomega team has really put a lot of passion and care into developing high performance yo-yos that would deliver upon the essence of Star Wars and appeal to both audiences.”

Details of Yomega’s Star Wars yo-yo line will be unveiled at the International Toy Fair, beginning February 10 in New York.


Star Wars Yomega® Fireball

Yomega has merged its popular Fireball yo-yo with some of the most popular Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader and Yoda.  The Star Wars Yomega Fireball patented transaxle system allows for high speed and smooth spins that are over three times longer than an ordinary yo-yo. The yo-yo’s design will feature character imagery and will include String Bling™, a collectible ring molded in a Star Wars character’s likeness.  The yo-yo string attaches to the String Bling ring for added comfort while performing classic as well as advanced looping yo-yo tricks.  Wave 1 of the Star Wars Yomega Fireball will include Darth Vader, Clone Trooper, Yoda and Boba Fett.  (MSRP: $10.95; Recommended for ages 8 & up; Available in Fall 2013)


Star Wars Yomega® Yo-Men High Performance Yo-Yos and Action Stands

Yomega’s Yo-Men are the newest, coolest way to play and display your yo-yos and favorite Star Wars characters!  Yomega Yo-Men come with a Star Wars Yomega Fireball yo-yo cradled in a highly detailed Yo-Men Action Stand sculpted in the character’s likeness.  The yo-yos feature a bold character image and Yomega’s patented transaxle system that allows for high speed and smooth spins.  Star Wars Yo-Men Wave 1 will include Darth Vader, Clone Trooper, Yoda and General Grievous. (MSRP: $15.95; Recommended for ages 8 & up; Available in Fall 2013)


Yomega® Elite Metals Glide™: Star Wars Special Edition

Yomega brings its heralded new competition-level Glide yo-yo to a new level with a sleek, sophisticated Star Wars Special Edition.  This showcase piece features laser etching and is for the most discerning Star Wars and yo-yo collector and for the yo-yo player looking to make a statement.  The Yomega Glide is the result of more than a year of engineering and technical refinement and is the first introduction in Yomega’s new Elite Metals collection.  The Glide has been engineered for the perfect weight and dimension at 66 grams without string, 2.25 inches in diameter and a string gap of .163 inches, and features a silicone pad return system and the legendary Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing.  The Yomega Glide: Star Wars Special Edition Wave 1 will include Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and the Rebel Alliance and Imperial symbols.  (MSRP: $149.95; Recommended for ages 8 & up; Available in Summer 2013)


Yomega Corp. is the global manufacturer of finely engineered yo-yos and skill toys.  Yomega’s “Yo to Pro” system is designed to introduce the fun of yo-yoing to the youngest players, and provide them with progressive products as they develop their skills. Yomega also has a well-earned reputation of designing high performance yo-yos for advanced and pro yo-yoers that gives them an edge in the competitive arena.  The Yomega Ambassador program encourages young people all over the world to be a positive presence for the sport, and to encourage participation in competition at contests and events.

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