You Will Believe A Minimate Can Fly

Luke’s Toy Store released two new stands today that open up new action poses for Minimate heroes and villains. The Tall Flight Stand is as tall as a Minimate, which allows flying characters to soar over their non-flying companions. Two foot pegs hold almost any Minimate snugly atop this lofty base. The Dueling Flight Stand gives bitter enemies a new way to battle in mid air. Each swirling arm has a strong foot peg at the end of it. Even non-flying characters can use this stand, as most comic book battles involve plenty of jumping and dodging. Both of these stands were designed using 3D CADD software, and then printed by a 3D printer. Each piece is cast in translucent white resin by hand by Luke Porter, who has been making custom action figures for over a decade.

tall04 tall03 fighting05 fighting04

These two new stands compliment the store’s previous releases, the Launching Flight Stand, and the Ice Sled, which are both still available. You can view all of the unique stands made by Luke’s Toy Store, as well as their other Minimate items, at their online store here:


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