You Would Not BELIEVE The Things Adam Levine Can Do With His Body (PHOTO)

Adam Levine stirkes a Yoga pose in the March 2013 issue of Men's Health

Yogi, or rock band frontman?

This isn't the first time we've been in awe of Adam Levine's yoga prowess -- remember when he got all "I'm hot and say 'namaste'" for Details? But after seeing his spread in the March 2013 issue of Men's Health, we're fully convinced that when Adam's not tearing up the charts with Maroon 5, he's moonlighting as a one-man "Cirque Du Soleil" performer! Because holding your entire (horizontal) body up by your hands can't actually be something a non-circus person is capable of, right?

As the cover boy for Men's Health's March 2013 issue, we see Adam showing off his multiple tattoos, smizing like crazy, AND doing MAD YOGA POSES. The best part? Adam loves yoga just about as much as we love watching Adam do yoga. "It's made me more successful," Adam said about his preferred form of exercise, adding, "I love it and don't know what I'd do without it." Well, you go right on ahead and yoga out, bb, because while we're not sure it's safe for the average person to do that sideways pose thing, we DO fully support anything that will make your abs look like this for many, many years.

Photo credit: Men's Health/Ture Lillegraven

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