Young London Covered Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ And We Totally Love It (VIDEO)

Young London's cover of Adele's stunning 'Someone Like You' is pretty great.

Our favorite electro-pop duo Young London has just stepped up their cover song game. We first told you about this Boston-based duo when they released their not-annoying-in-the-slightest cover of The Buggles' iconic "Video Killed The Radio Star." And while Matt Rhoades and Sarah Graziani (aka Young London), create their own original songs (check out "Celebrity" if you know what's good), they're returning to reworked covers with their rendition of Adele's stunning "Someone Like You."

Listen to Young London's take on Adele's "Someone Like You" after the jump. 

Now, we all know that because Adele is a flawless queen, even thinking about touching her masterpiece is a giant risk (or at least that's what they say on "American Idol" and "The Voice.") But, Young London's version is so different from the original that it doesn't feel like karaoke parroting. Young London created their own track for the song, and it kind of sounds like an electro-pop record meets a reggae record with a tiny dash of Dubstep thrown in for fun. Vocalist Sarah Graziani's voice is sweet and simple yet strong enough to carry the tune when it explodes into a massive David Guetta-esque dance track on the hook. Thankfully, Young London's cover also comes fully equipped with some video visuals, which mainly feature shots of the duo in the studio working on music and Sarah twirling around in an extra-girly white dress with a tutu. Cute? Cute. Watch it at least six times.

Listen to Young London's cover of Adele's "Someone Like You." 

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