Zac Efron Is Busting Out On The Cover Of Men’s Health (PHOTO)

Zac Efron sports some huge-ass muscles on the cover of Men's Health.

I've never quite understood why mags like Men's Health were geared solely toward men. Sure, I may not really wanna read about the best new way to shave my beard while doing hammer curls. However, I am incredibly interested in subscribing to a publication that features the hottest pictures of Zac Efron EVAR on their cover. Game over, slam dunk, put it on the board, etc.

See more of Zac Efron's Men's Health spread after the jump. 

It's not even that Zac is effing hot (which he is), but it's that knowing expression that leads us to believe that Zac could beat the s*** out of a mugger and then gently, sweetly wrap those HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE ARMS around us, and then later insist on having safe sex. Also, while we're openly fantasizing here, we'll cop to the fact that we're full-on praying that Zac decides to do another musical soon! Sure, we love him as the brooding male lead in romcoms, but we've also got a real primal lady-yearning for Zac's heart-melting singing and dancing! Basically, it's high time for "Hairspray 2."

Inside the issue, Zac admits, "I was never a natural at anything, but I could always outwork everybody." Um, doesn't looking naturally hot at all hours of the day or night count as a skill? We think YES. Also, please note Zac Efron's hand placement in the photo below. That's the hand that CAN UNDO A BRA ALL BY ITSELF! GUH! Great. Now we're having Pitbull flashbacks. That is all.

Even while sweating, Zac Efron looks smokin'.

Photo Credit: Men's Health/Ture Lillegraven

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