AFI 7th Anniversary Scoop Week Day 5 – Mattel DCSC Mirror Master


As part 1 of our Mattel reveals, we have Mirror Master from Mattel’s DC Signature Collection/Club Infinite Earths subscription line.   Right about now you are saying, “but we’ve already SEEN Mirror Master.”  Yes.  That’s true.  We saw him at Toy Fair.
What we haven’t seen is the package with the bio… AND the fact that the figure now has two open hands that can hold both his guns.  He’s holding both of them in the package.   At Toy Fair the figure was shown with one open hand and one fist.   Since his reveal fans have been asking for a change tot the figure to two open hands so that he could use both weapons.  Mattel heard our pleas, looked into it and were able to change it in time, so that is the version we are getting.   The fans asked, Mattel listened, we all win!
BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The other new piece of information for this figure is that it also comes with interchangeable mirror gun barrels!  You can swap out and build the open and closed versions of his mirror guns with the two that are already attached and the two that come in the package.  A very cool feature for this Flash rogue.
Thanks to Mattel for letting us break this news.
We’ve got one other Mattel reveal and 2 Mattel interviews still to get to in the next few days so keep your eyes right here!
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