Empire Of The Sun Braves L.A.’s Public Transportation In Their ‘DNA’ Video

Watch Empire Of The Sun's "DNA" video.

Empire of the Sun take the bus in their new “DNA” video.

We thought we’d seen some weirdness on L.A. buses, but it’s hard to beat Luke Steele in a blue plastic headdress. Empire of the Sun brave Los Angeles’ public transportation in their new “DNA” video, making their way out to the valley to raid a convenience store — set in the very near future of 2014. The Australian duo ditches the bus for bikes, picks up a posse, and winds up a house party before the cops show up. So much for a brave new world.

Watch Empire Of The Sun’s “DNA” video after the jump.

One thing that’s definitely a good decision: borrowing your band style from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” villains, which is some nostalgia we can get behind. Shout-out to Lord Zedd.

Musically, “DNA” is a relatively downtempo effort for the EDM-influenced act, with verses driven by acoustic guitars and melodic synth lines before bass-heavy chords lift the chorus onto the dance floor. “Take me away, so far away,” Steele sings on the bridge — a love letter to the Metro? Dude, you’re a rock star: You can totally afford Uber.

+ Watch Empire of the Sun’s “DNA” video.

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