Geek Shall Inherit – 014 – Misplaced Dedication

Well, it’s been a good run everyone, but next weeks episode will our final show.  After John Carter comes out there will be nothing more for Jason to talk about.   He talks about it in this one.  He saw the movie on Friday so I figure he’ll want to talk about it again next week to give us his thoughts and impressions.  And then that’s it.  He’s out!  Cut off!  We’re done.

Ok… not really.  We’re geeks.  We’ll find the next big thing to discuss endlessly and run into the ground.   You haven’t heard the last of us!

We’re not going anywhere!  We’ll be here each week talking about all the latest news from the pop culture universe.

We have another hour long episode for your listening pleasure.   In episode 014 we cover:

Just have a listen.  All that and more on Episode 014.

You can listen here or on iTunes.

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