Gwen Stefani Rocks The Guitar, We’re Even More Excited About No Doubt’s New Album! (PHOTO)

Gwen Stefani poses with the guitar, and we flip out even more about No Doubt's new album!

Seeing this sexy photo of Gwen Stefani immediately takes us back to the part of our lives when it was totally acceptable to have millions of posters and pics of your fave rock stars tacked to your bedroom walls. This shot so would have made the cut for our No Doubt shrine. (BTW, the cutoff for decorating with band posters is age 18. We heard that on HGTV so it's totally legit.)

Since the band officially announced their new album release date (September 25!), we're willing to make an exception to our very mature interior design aesthetic and dust off our vintage collection of No Doubt memorabilia to celebrate the news -- especially after the band tweeted this pic of Gwen with the caption, "@gwenstefani preparing for the 'addicted to love' video auditions." We love the flawless pose (Robert Palmer FTW) but we seriously wouldn't even care if the pic just showed Gwen preparing her taxes: already printed out and taped up! High school forever!

Photo credit: @nodoubt

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