New Video: The Wanted, ‘Heart Vacancy’

Watch The Wanted's new video, 'Heart Vacancy.'

PUSH alum The Wanted is currently MTV's POSTED artist for April, which means that you can pretty much expect us to be all things The Wanted at all hours of the day and night. Huzzah! Last week, we brought you "Chasing The Sun," The Wanted's new dance tune that sounds like the slightly more mature cousin of their smash hit "Glad You Came." Today, we continue down our Wanted path with their moving ballad and video, "Heart Vacancy."

Watch  The Wanted's "Heart Vacancy" video after the jump. 

Though it's the first time that U.S. fans can see the video, "Heart Vacancy" peaked at No. 2 in the U.K. in 2010 as the follow-up to The Wanted's chart-topping debut, "All Time Low." (Um, in what world is it fair that we have to wait OVER A YEAR to be given the same rights as U.K. Wanted fans? I thought we were allies with the British?)

In the video, the boys rock color-coordinated army green outfits as they stroll down the streets of Europe. They walk slowly through a town as they sing their love ballad and eventually find themselves seated at an outdoor movie. Some crazy ish goes down, and a woman watching the movie gets sucked into the screen, becoming part of the cast. Nobody seems too worried about it, though, but that's probably because they're wayyyy too distracted by how effing HOT The Wanted is. We hope that girl's OK! But I guess if you've gotta get sucked into a movie screen, staring back at The Wanted is not a bad POV.

+ Watch The Wanted's "Heart Vacancy" video. 

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