Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Takes Over Times Square, And Wait, He’s Outside Our Office?! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone is snapped while in Times Square at New York City.

Austin Mahone was in Times Square? Why didn't you say hi, bb?!?

Our jobs being what they are, we're essentially paid to track MTV "Artist to Watch" Austin Mahone's every move (in a fan way, not in a weird way, promise). We were thrilled when he stopped in for a "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic set, we imagined ourselves frolicking beside him in this beach photo, and we WENT CRAZY when we heard how he'd be going on tour with Taylor Swift in May. So you can imagine how ashamed we were to find out that Austin had been standing RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR OFFICES in Times Square, and we didn't even notice! If only we'd gone out for lunch that day! We walk through that exact crosswalk on our way to work! UGH. *facepalm*

The "Say Somethin" singer uploaded the photo to Instagram with the caption "NY! (:" After seeing Austin's pic, we started thinking. Well, less thinking and more panicking. HE WAS RIGHT OUTSIDE?! How could we have missed it?! We even recognize the sweater he's wearing (though it's a different color than the one we saw him in before Christmas -- yes, we've memorized all of his sweaters. Deal with it). Sorry we're freaking out over here, but we're just worried about maintaining our #Mahomie status.

Okay Austin, no more missed connections, ya hear? Next time you're in the neighborhood, just drop us a tweet or Facebook message, or better yet, stand outside our windows with a boom box. That's a no-fail strategy.

Photo credit: @austinmahone

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