T. Mills Talks Toilet-Induced Creativity With Incubus, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky + More At Bamboozle (VIDEO)

Listen up, aspiring musicians: The only thing separating you from continuing to play your open mic nights and booking a gig at Bamboozle is letting your creative juices flow...in the bathroom. (Totally could have worded that better -- leaving it.) Our boy T. Mills asked some of our friends who stopped by between their sets at Bamboozle about the strangest places they've ever written a song, and it turns out the WC is the place to be.

It's just another testament to how good T. Mills was as our correspondent, because instead of getting punched in the face after asking various artists about songwriting in the bathroom, most of them actually had no problem sharing their toilet secrets. Incubus admits the bathroom is an awkward place to write a song, while Action Bronson disagrees: "You usually get your best ideas while you're pooping." Mac Miller says he "writes songs while taking s**** all the time," and A$AP Rocky actually wrote his track "Demons" on the toilet. The lyrics "I live day by day/Fighting demons" take on a whole new meaning now.

+ Watch T. Mills get the scoop on toilet-induced creativity after the jump, and check out the rest of our Bamboozle coverage.

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