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Listen to Civil Twilight's new album holy weather, out March 26.

Not only are South African rockers Civil Twilight extremely attractive, but two out of the three members are brothers -- I just love a family affair. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Civil Twilight kinda sounds like a younger version of U2 mixed with a melodic dash of Keane. How'd these rockers get their start? Back in 1996, guitarist Andrew McKellar and his high school pal and guitarist Richard Wouters decided to form a band. During a rehearsal one day, Andrew discovered that his younger bro Steven could legit sing and write songs, and the rest, as they say, is history!

After moving to Los Angeles in 2005, the trio quickly signed a record deal with an indie label and in 2007, independently released their debut album, Human. The record was so powerful that the film and TV world took note and basically every show you've ever watched wanted to use a Civil Twilight record. CT's tunes have been used on "One Tree Hill," HBO's "Big Love," "House," "Without A Trace," "The Vampire Diaries" and about 8 million others. Oh, and let us not forget to mention that the band has already opened for artists such as Neon Trees, MUTEMATH, Florence & The Machine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cage the Elephant and more. Try not to be jealous.

Listen to Civil Twilight after the jump.

Cut to present day and Civil Twilight are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album holy weather, which includes the band's incredible new single "Fire Escape." The song opens with some hard rock guitars but bursts into a melodic swell, which beautifully bolsters the song's poignant lyrics: "We are the desperate ones/ Looking for the mark/ We are the lonely ones/ Left out here in the dark/ We bought our tickets/ But we don’t have a seat/ And now we're just slaves to the beat." We don't wanna jinx it or anything, but we've got a hunch that holy weather is probably gonna sell like, a lot of copies. Good on you boys, but don't forget about us when you get massive.

+ Listen to Civil Twilight.

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