Watch Allstar Weekend’s ‘Buzzworthy Live’ Performance Of ‘Bend Or Break’

If you hadn't noticed, boy bands are the new internet. (And really, if you hadn't noticed, I'd like to know where the eff have you've been spending time.) And while British imports like One Direction and The Wanted are making moves with dancier tracks, Allstar Weekend are matchless when it comes to the soaring ballad. Don't believe me? Throw on "Blame It On September," and just try not to embark on an epic bawling jag.

With a winter tour just wrapped and plenty of dates on the calendar for this spring and summer (including a spot opening for Hot Chelle Rae), Allstar Weekend -- who just hit 1 MILLION FACEBOOK FANS, by the way! -- found some time to pop by MTV for an exclusive "Buzzworthy Live" performance of their song "Bend Or Break," off of their All The Way album, and naturally, they slayed it. Armed with only two guitars and their effortless harmonies, the boys came together seamlessly and delivered a powerful acoustic rendition of their hit.

Watch Allstar Weekend's exclusive live performance of "Bend Or Break" after the jump.

With an assist from Brent Schneiders, Zachary Porter commanded the mic while his bros contributed some tight harmonies: "So can we stop pretending that the world is never-ending?/ Will you try to find a way to believe?/ 'Cause I don't think you're gonna change/ You be the one that bends/ I'll be the one who breaks." There actually exist girls who wanna break the heart of a dude who can write such a poignant song? Whatever. More room for me to swoop in. WIN.

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