WrestleMania Countdown: Sheamus

WrestleMania Countdown: Sheamus

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By Arune Singh with Ben Morse

This Sunday, April 1, beginning at 7:00 PM EST on pay-per-view, WWE presents the pinnacle of its year when WrestleMania XXVIII brings the world’s greatest gladiators together for the Showcase of the Immortals. Three days later on Wednesday, April 4, the two most powerful factions in the Marvel Universe kick off a war of their own as AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 hits stands and the Marvel Comics app.

Sheamus wins the Royal Rumble

To get set for both of these monumental collisions, we got some of WWE’s biggest Superstars and Fightin’ Fanboys to comment on their dates with destiny at WrestleMania as well as what they see coming to pass in AvX.

Today, we’ve got “The Celtic Warrior,” Sheamus, the rough and tumble Irish bruiser set to take on World Champion Daniel Bryan this Sunday. We spoke to him about this showdown, why he gives the X-Men the edge despite his Hulk fandom, plus much more.

Marvel.com: With WrestleMania almost here, how are you feeling about the event?

Sheamus: I feel great. I feel really, really excited. WrestleMania is one of the marquee events of the year. It’s the biggest show in entertainment. I’m in the main event match with Daniel Bryan so I’m very excited about it. I can’t wait. I’ve been counting the days down since I won the Royal Rumble.

Marvel.com: Do you have a favorite WrestleMania match or a moment of all time that really sticks out to you?

Sheamus: One of the favorite matches I ever saw was The Ultimate Warrior versus Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania VI. I think [it was] one of the first time ever where two fan favorites with that much magnitude and star power were going to take on each other. I remember being a kid. I remember all my friends being completely divided, like you know, there were so many pro-Hulk Hogan and obviously so many pro-Ultimate Warrior fans. There was like three or four months of just build-up to this match. I just remember everybody wanted to see it. I guess it’s going to transfer over to WrestleMania XXVIII with the Rock and [John] Cena. You know, it’s a match where a lot of people are divided, a lot of people love The Rock, a lot of people love John Cena. A lot of people are going to be divided who they want to win WrestleMania XXVIII.

AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 cover by Jim Cheung

Marvel.com: Who were you supporting, Hogan or Warrior?

Sheamus: Warrior. I was never a big Hogan fan, to be honest with you. The thing about the Warrior was I think he brought a great level of intensity with him and the way he looked was different. He was kind of over the top but there was just something different about him, there was something special about him. I remember just being a kid, being drawn into the way he rocked the ring, the way he shook the ropes and everything. I think it captivated every kid’s imagination.

Marvel.com: Speaking of fan favorites facing each other, let’s talks Avengers Vs. X-Men. The Avengers fight the X-Men. If you were in the middle of this, which side would you choose? Would you be with the Avengers or the X-Men?

Sheamus: I’d choose the X-Men. I’ve always been a big X-Men fan. I mean, the Avengers are great, I obviously like The Hulk. Iron Man is cool too, but I just think that the X-Men, especially, to me, [have] always been special. I think Wolverine [is] probably one of the strongest characters out there, ever. I mean, he’s just so dark, he’s so unpredictable, obviously never backs down from a fight. He thinks with his heart instead of his head sometimes but I think he’s probably one of the greatest characters ever, [On] the strength of him alone I definitely have to be an X-Man. I know sometimes a lot of people are undecided about Cyclops but, obviously, he’s a very unique character as well. I always loved the Beast [too]. I’m a big Nightcrawler fan, as well. Yeah, I’m definitely, definitely, an X-Men fan first.

Marvel.com: Is there a character you think you’re most like on the X-Men?


Sheamus: I think everybody wants to be like Wolverine. Everybody wants to be that sort of character. He’ll get his ass kicked but he’ll still come back and he’s tough as nails. He’s very intense and aggressive and I think I bring some of those characteristics to the ring; I can dish it out but also there are times where I get my ass handed to me [and] I won’t give up, I’ll fight back even if I’m being stubborn like two weeks ago, when Dolph [Ziggler] threw me into the announce table; my whole lower back was a bit of a mess but I’m too stubborn to give in to a fight, I’m too stubborn to give up, even if the odds are against me. I’ll constantly keep coming back. I’d rather give it [my] all [and] get my ass kicked than just give up. I think Wolverine has the same characteristics. Plus, I’m unpredictable, as well, and I have a short fuse. Everyone wants to be Wolverine because he’s just so cool, so rebellious; he just does what he wants when he wants.

Marvel.com: So, Iron Man battles Magneto, who do you think wins that one?

Sheamus: Magneto, obviously; with Magneto’s power that would be over in seconds.

Marvel.com: Colossus has the power of the Juggernaut right now but if he fights The Hulk, who do you think wins?

Sheamus: I still think The Hulk. To me, The Hulk can never lose. Even with the Juggernaut, I’d take Hulk because the more he gets hit, the angrier he gets, the angrier he gets, the bigger and stronger he gets.

Sheamus manhandles Christian

Marvel.com: With all the travel you’ve got lined up leading to WrestleMania, are there any Marvel books you’re looking to catch up on or get into?

Sheamus: I’m back interested into Spider-Man again because of the new [“Amazing Spider-Man”] movie. I’ve been reading ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN VOLUME 5 that you sent me, so I’ve been reading up on that, but yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to Spider-Man again so I’m kind of in Spider-Man mania again to see the new movie and I’m pretty sure it won’t be disappointing.

Marvel.com: Are you looking forward to [“Marvel’s The Avengers”], too? Is there anything that stuck out from the trailers that looked especially cool to you?

Sheamus: I think the great thing about the Avengers is that whereas the X-Men were a group of friends—obviously with Wolverine being the odd one out—is that there’s a lot of egos in the Avengers, from [Tony] Stark to Captain America to Thor. There seems to be a lot of egos, and obviously Hulk is unpredictable so it seems like a group of misfits coming together trying to be a team. That aspect is quite interesting because they could fall apart at any time.

Marvel.com: For the fans tuning in to WrestleMania, what should they expect from Daniel Bryan versus Sheamus?

Sheamus: They should expect two Superstars who want to be where The Rock is, where Triple H is, where Undertaker is—two guys who missed it last year who want to steal the show at WrestleMania XXVIII and you’re going to see aggressive style [you] won’t see anywhere else, especially Bryan. Bryan may be smaller but against me, he definitely makes up in his ability and technical prowess; he’s also one tough little fellow. But, of course, against me, I’m just more of an aggressive attacking brute. They call me an Irish brute there at SmackDown, so maybe I’m a big Irish brute but it’s going to be a great clash of styles and one to remember.

Get set for WrestleMania XXVIII this Sunday, April 1, at 7 PM EST! For more information, visit WWE.com, where you can also catch the live WrestleMania Pre-Show at 6:30 PM EST on Sunday. You can also view this event on WWE’s YouTube Channel.

And don’t forget to pick up AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 in stores and on the Marvel Comics app Wednesday, April 4!

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